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Security Checklist

Security ChecklistWith the long weekend fast approach, you may well be planning to stay at home and get the kids prepared for the year ahead or you may be planning to throw caution to the wind and hit the road in search of the best surf. Either way, it’s a great time to put your security checklist together so that you know your home or business is secure when you are not there.

security checklist A Home Security Checklist should be simple and completed in minutes as it is really just a reminder more than anything. Place it on or by your alarm keypad so that you don’t forget to do it each time you leave the house, that is assuming you have an alarm system. If you don’t, call us on 1300 661199 or click, Request a Quote now!

A Business Security Checklist is a little more complex and may have multiple levels, such as the end of day Security Checklist, end of the week Security Checklist & quarterly Security Checklist. The Duty Manager or Senior member of staff would normally carry out the daily & weekly checks along with OH&S checks. It is a good idea to have the Security Checks diarised or if you have an internal system that allows you to create tasks or jobs for the member of staff responsible, this is a great way to track the Security Checks and comments. By documenting the checks the business owner is assured that any security threats to the business are minimised and should an incident occur that procedures have been followed.

Security Checklists carried out by staff members should be kept simple and should cover things such as checking all windows and internal doors are closed, storage or warehouse doors are secured, internal lighting, heating and cooling are turned off.  External lighting may need to be left on or a sensor lighting system may be in place.  The last thing to do before leaving is to activate the Security Alarm.

If an issue arises ie lights flash on your Alarm keypad you can request a service call here: Request Service Call.  Equipment should only be checked by a qualified Technician, ask us about our Annual Maintenance Packages.  Your company should have a Security Maintenance Agreement in place.  Security Maintenance Agreements ensure that hardware is maintained and in working order and not going to fail when you need it most.   Eclipse Security Systems Technicians check for faults and resolve minor issues, they will also inform your account manager if there is a need to provide or upgrade the security in line with your Business needs.

If you do not currently have a Security Maintenance Agreement in place and would like to speak to one of our Technical Sales Team, Please call 1300 661199 or Request a Quote