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Paxton Access Control, is it right for your business?

///Paxton Access Control, is it right for your business?
Paxton Access Control

All businesses whether small, medium or large have assets that need to be protected. An Paxton Access Control System enables managers to control and protect the staff, assets and their business property. Paxton offers two types of Access Control Systems .  Which one is right for your business?

1. Paxton Access Control – Stand Alone System

The stand alone Paxton Access Control System is ideal for small businesses that need to control access to a couple of doors or areas of their business, such as the front door and the stock room. The system is programmed at the door and if users are barred, they will need to be removed from each door.  It is a cost effective way of protecting your business, while allowing the business owner to remain in control of the access to your business and having peace of mind that it is protected.

2. Paxton Access Control – Networked System

The networked Paxton Access Control System, which is the second type of system offered, is administered and programmed via software on a computer.  This allows the administrator the set the user permissions and remove them from the system should they be barred from the system, eliminating the need to wait for keys to be returned.  The networked access control system is suitable for businesses with multiple areas or doors to control.

It is common for doors that are locked by key systems to be left open; this can leave the property vulnerable to burglary.  The Paxton networked access control system can be programmed to automatically lock all external doors after business hours or a specified time as a backup precaution ensuring that the building is secure.  The system provides more flexibility and ensures that the business remains protected.

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