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How does “Clay by Salto” work?

///How does “Clay by Salto” work?
Access Control Security

Clay by Salto was a groundbreaking Access Control System when it was first released back in 2014.  Salto has upgraded the system and re-branded the  Clay by Salto product, which is now called SALTO KS – Keys as a Service

Mark Handels is the Sales and Marketing Director for Salto and explains why Salto has re-branded the product,  “The phrase Keys as a Service combines SALTO’s strong innovation in the access control market with the essence of cloud-computing,” says Handels. “The word ‘keys’ is a recall to SALTO’s foundation of innovation, just as our SVN data-on-card system revolutionised the industry. The phrase ‘as a service’ is the essence of cloud computing referring to an increasing number of services that are delivered over the Internet rather than provided locally or on-site.”

The system is “intuitive, flexible and simply works”.  So how does it work?

Clay by Salto_In The Cloud

There is no drilling or wires as it is a wireless system. You have a choice of hardware which could be a cylinder or handle which come in different finishes. The system fits every door.

salto doorlock

Salto Doorlock

The Clay Tags come in 5 colours, 3 greens, black and white. You have the option to purchase as you need them or in advance. Tags can be added when needed, and blocked if lost or stolen.


The heart of the system is the ClayIQ. It connects your wireless locks to My-Clay Cloud, which is the operating system that you use to manage users and your account. Because My-Clay is based in the cloud you can access your system from any laptop or mobile device by simply going to the My-Clay.com and logging into your account. My-Clay is supported by state of the art security measures and they are making updates constantly taking the worry of security away from you.

Clay Repeater

The ClayRepeater allows you to extend the distance between the ClayIQ and the locks.


The distance is 1-15 meters and you can add up to 3 repeaters giving you a maximum distance of 60 meters from lock to ClayIQ. Controlling your business remotely could not be easier.

Clay App

With the Clay App installed on your mobile device you can now control access on the go. You can lock and unlock doors remotely and block tags. You will receive push notifications for alerts and any other notifications that you wish to receive can be set in up in your account in My-Clay.

Clay Smart Phone

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