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Elpas system: Ensuring safety and security of patients

///Elpas system: Ensuring safety and security of patients
Hospital Access Control - Elpas

Elpas is a solution specifically designed for medical facilities such as hospitals and care homes for the elderly. Often the day to day challenges within hospitals and care facilities, is ensuring the safety and security of patients.

With the Elpas system patients are provided with a positioning tag, either attached to a wristband or lanyard,  which contains a RFID transmitter.  Elpas, which is a RTLS (real time location system), enables the administrator to identify in real time, the exact location of the patient. Elpas wristband The wristband features a call button or duress alert, which identifies the patient and the exact location within the facility.  By having this system in place care staff can provide better patient care without the patient feeling restricted, they can also respond quicker to patients in trouble.

The Elpas system can also support access control, into or out of areas within a facility for both staff and patients.  Preventing unauthorized access in or out of protected areas ensures the safety of both staff and patients.  Administrators can track the location of staff or patients at anytime.  Restrictions can be updated or patients and staff removed easily from the system when patients check out, cards are lost or staff leave or change departments, this is controlled internally by an authorized administrators.

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