Access Control For Schools

Access Control For Schools involve issuing access credentials such as proximity cards, fobs and remotes for staff or general monitoring of onsite in and out access of the campus.

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Access Control For Schools

Schools have thousands of dollars of equipment on site. They have expensive computers, desks, tables, chairs and a whole bunch of other stuff that they need to keep the school running so that when students attend they have all the tools that they need to learn and advance their studies.Bearing this in mind it is important that schools have adequate security stems. Quite often schools take up large areas of land and are isolated from houses. Either they have large fields, or they are situated next to parks, where if someone broke into the school it would be a very long time before the police even arrived, by which time a burglar would have time to take off with the expensive equipment.

To prevent undesirables entering your school grounds it’s vital that you have good access control. Access control relates to the systems and processes that you have in place for dealing with visitors to the school, for example, do you have a sign in book or app that your visitors use, with the time of entry and departure? Can visitors get into the school buildings without a school pass, or must they use a swipe card to even get through the first security door or fence before they can even get into the school grounds? When you have good access control systems and processes in place you can more easily keep undesirables, or potential criminals outside of your school.

It’s not just the theft of expensive school property that you should be concerned with. You should also be concerned with criminals doing things they shouldn’t on school property. This includes taking illicit drugs, acting inappropriately with the students or physically harming the teachers. Although it’s not common, it’s not unheard of that a teacher will be working late and could be attacked on school property when they are the only one on the school grounds. There was a case over a decade ago where a teacher had been in her classroom when a man entered and attacked her resulting in fatal injuries. Adequate access control such as locked doors that could only be opened with a swipe card could have prevented this senseless attack.

Other measures to reduce the instances of unwelcome entry onto the school grounds is to have locked gates, either controlled with a swipe card or a passcode that is changed everytime a staff member leaves the school or the installation of barbed wire fences around the school’s perimeter. It may be tempting to just install a high fence but it may not be enough to keep determined criminals out whereas a barbed wire fence has a greater success rate.

Any entry points should also be clearly visible and in well lit areas, so for example, the entry point should be on a main road with high traffic and with minimal hiding spaces. This means that trees and bushes will need to be trimmed so that it is harder for undesirables to hide. You should also keep the visitor carpark away from the staff carpark so that there is a clear distinction between the people who are on the school’s property. Each of these carparks should have CCTV so that you can review any footage if the need arises.

These are just some of the ways of maintaining your access control to your school grounds. If you’d like to discuss your particular needs then give us a call and we’d be happy to make recommendations for your unique situation.

Access Control Key Features:

Access Control Systems typically include proximity card readers and electronic locking devices which are installed on all restricted access areas. The Access Control System is then programmed by an administrator to define the entrances, times and rules of entry for each valid user. This information is then distributed to the various door, elevator and control panels to enable access to be granted to the valid user on presentation of their credential holder to the proximity reader.  Credential holders are normally in the form of a swipe card, fob or remote although Biometric readers (facial, fingerprint or eye recognition) are also used to identify users access rights.

Eclipse Security Systems offer the very latest Access Control Systems which is advanced technology and can often be integrated with other Security Systems such as Intrusion Alarms or CCTV Systems as well as business management systems.  The best Access Control Solution for your facility will depend on a number of factors.  The common factors taken into consideration by our Security Solutions Consultants are: Industry, Environment, Level of Security, Number of Users, Administrators Requirements and Budget.

While controlling access and movement within a School or College is the most common use of Access Control Systems there are a lot of systems to choose from, some are tailored to specific industries, environment or facility.  Each client has its own unique requirements and our team at Eclipse Security Systems can provide expert advice to Schools or Colleges.

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