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Pressures to increase schools & colleges security are common these days.

There is enormous responsibility and increasing pressure on Principles and Facility Managers to ensure the safety of staff and students within their Schools & Colleges.  Eclipse Security Systems is focused on protection of staff and students with a quality and well planned School Security System Solution, ensuring Schools & Colleges Security is simple to use from a central location and provides peace of mind for staff and students.

Eclipse Security Systems have been installing and maintaining security systems in Education Sector for over 17 years.  Managing the facility’s security within, schools, colleges, and universities can be challenging and often requires an integrated system that will manage multiple aspects of a facility’s security from Access Control to Surveillance System.

Access Control For Schools 

Using our recommended Access Control Systems, it is possible to control who can access and monitor movement within the organization, which areas they can visit, and when they can enter. It may be necessary to use electronic access control systems, for restricting entry to administration, faculty managers other staff members. These security systems can even prohibit, unidentified personnel from entering a school campus. Controlling access is easy with the right system. Administrators are able to know who and when a person has entered an area and can update and control the system from a central location or remotely. Access Control Systems also store history of user activity.  So, if a computer is removed, the school can find out who was in the computer room by analyzing the user history within a time frame. With security access control systems it is also possible to prevent students from wandering off the site and monitoring their movements within the facility.  Should there be a threat to staff and students the facility can be switched to lock down which can be configured to fit the facility requirements and levels of threat.

CCTV Systems For Schools 

A common security system in an educational facility is a Surveillance System (or CCTV System). Providing surveillance of all areas, deterred vandalism and theft or for general staff, students and premises protection.  CCTV cameras can be installed at critical access areas such as hallways, parking lots and school entrances or in the classroom for monitoring and safety purposes. CCTV systems provide, both real-time and documented record which can be stored and viewed at a later date. It is a perfect solution since school security is not an eight-hour-a-day job, but one that requires attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Authorized administrators can also check on the school from another location, whether during school hours or at night and on weekends. In doing so, CCTV systems can play a major role in helping protect a Schools & Colleges. Being monitored by security cameras for their safety can provide peace of mind and security for staff, parents & students.

Lockers For Schools 

Student’s possessions being stolen is also becoming a cause for concern with educational facilities and keyless lockers can be integrated with our access control system which provides students with a swipe card or toggle and programmed to provide them specific user access to areas within the school and their locker. Access can be programmed and controlled by administration staff and reports generated on activity at any time.

Other Security Services For Schools 

Eclipse Security Product Certifications

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